Osmunda cinnamomea Mid-Atlantic Native & Threatened Insect Zoo

MANTIZ Green Lane Park Bioblitz

This bioblitz, organized by MANTIZ* (www.mantiz.org) was a first thorough evaluation of the biodiversity of Green Lane Park, a beautiful 3,300 acre natural park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

iNaturalize was used to collect observations under several headings

  • Project = Mantiz-Green-Lane-Park-Bioblitz-2017
  • Location = Green Lane Resevoir
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    This event was kicked off at Friday June 23, 2017 at 11 AM. Email Jason Ksepka for more information at: mantizorg@gmail.com

    MANTIZ, or the Mid-Atlantic Native & Threatened Insect Zoo, is a non-profit organization focused on promoting awareness of the beauty and value of native insect and plant species.

    A bioblitz is a 24-hour event that focuses on identifying and quantifying as many species as possible in a specific area. In a bioblitz, the community and scientific experts work together to learn more about the local biodiversity. This serves as a unique learning experience while also generating valuable information for conservation and sustainability purposes.